Why Toyota?

Reasons to own a Toyota car

Reasons to own a Toyota car:

The reduced engine weight, superior performance, lower fuel consumption and constantly reduced emissions guarantee that all Toyota vehicles behave environmentally.

Toyota is constantly striving not only to reduce the emissions produced by cars but also to increase ecological efficiency at every stage of the production process, from the development phase and design through production, sales, logistics, and even to the recycling of cars at the end of their lifetime.

Toyota’s goal of approaching it every day is clear: vehicles with zero emissions.

Toyota is implementing one of the most comprehensive and most comprehensive testing processes in the automotive industry. All cars passed tests in harsh driving conditions, not just for safety testing, but also for performance improvements. It is an indispensable part of Toyota’s worldwide success and countless awards for safety and quality.

Quality is at the core of every stage of the production process. On production lines, each team member is obliged to meet high and uncompromising standards.

The car is a responsible task and imposes a high responsibility. By choosing Toyota you will be sure that you have received a flawlessly tested and extremely reliable car, in Toyota, have offered to offer you a comprehensive warranty so that you are completely carefree when shopping.

We offer free 5-year, 24-hour, roadside assistance, and you can be carefree while driving.

For more information on Toyota warranties, contact your Toyota dealer.

Toyota dealers maintain a high standard of ability to quickly and completely diagnose and repair possible malfunctions. Certified mechanics work according to strict Toyota quality standards, with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and using only original Toyota parts, as a guarantee of quality and impeccable work.

Servicing is flexible and suited to you – either in terms of fixed service prices or express service where Toyota mechanics will replace worn parts during your lunch break.

It is extremely important that we keep complete and detailed service records in order to ensure constant care and protection of your car.

Toyota’s service program is available for both new and used cars.

Toyota experts have considered several options for financing, so you can find the best ratio of participation and monthly rates. In cooperation with Raiffeisen Leasing, we will provide everything to get a complete offer on the spot.

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