Duracell and Banner

Sanel doo - Duracell batteries

Start of cooperation between Duracell and Banner


The incomparable product durability, exceptional power in extreme situations, and the focus on constant improvement is a common feature of both Duracell and Banner. The connection between these two manufacturers on joint development and improvement of the battery represents a new step forward.

New power on the roads in Europe

For the increased needs of modern vehicles, the combined power of Duracella and Banner has led to a new series of batteries for start stop systems. In the quality of the Duracell battery, the huge expertise of Banner and the unprecedented reputation of the world’s largest portable power generation company Duracella have been invested.
The largest brand of batteries and accumulators in the world is moving its way to Europe and has already found its way into over 50 countries.

Banner – battery specialists

Family-owned Banner Company, headquartered in Leonding, Austria, manufactures batteries for all vehicles since 1937. By experience and tradition, it belongs to the very top of global manufacturers. Leading automakers, including BMW, Audi, Volvo and VW, use the first-generation batteries produced in Banner.

Duracell – the best-selling brand of batteries in the world

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, Duracell supplies the world with energy wherever it is needed. Over time, Duracell has become the largest battery producer with an unprecedented reputation. The search for new solutions has led to a new step and logical development towards high quality automotive batteries.

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