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Toyota is selling its stake in Isuzu's capital

Toyota and Isuzu have agreed to cooperate on the development of diesel engines in the course of 2006. In addition, the parties were also interested in exploring other fields of possible cooperation.

As part of that deal, a larger Japanese company, Toyota bought 50 million shares of Isuzu, thus acquiring 5.9% of the stake in the small-sized manufacturers.

Judging by the statements coming from both companies, the “revolutionary changes that have taken place” and which mainly relate to the massive abandonment of diesel technology in favor of the electrification process, have led the joint development projects to be suspended.

Isuzu and Toyota jointly concluded that “progress was modest” in other fields of cooperation.

In such circumstances, the leaders of both manufacturers decided that it was time for their paths to dissolve. Toyota, as part of a wider deal, pledged to sell Isuzu shares held in its investment portfolio in the near future.

While continuing their own way, both parties are interested in continuing their business friendly relations, ie maintaining a strong link between them. They emphasize that they will continue to cooperate on the development of current basic technologies, without specifying any details.

Both Japanese manufacturers “remain open to the possibility of establishing a closer cooperation in the future” .blishing a closer cooperation in the future “.

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