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Japanese manufacturers are developing new batteries

The biggest Japanese carmakers will join in order to accelerate the development of state-of-the-art batteries to be used in future electric vehicles.


Toyota, Nissan and Honda together with Panasonic and some other Japanese companies will work on production technology. The goal of the newly formed partnership is the development of new solid-state batteries that will enable Japanese automakers to become leaders in the technology of electric vehicles. The partnership is supported by the Japanese government, that is, the Ministry of Economy and Trade, which will participate in the financing of this project with 1.6 billion yen (about $ 14.6 million).


Solid-state is a significant improvement over the lithium-ion batteries now used in electric cars. In addition to having a higher energy density, they also contain smaller components and do not use liquid electrolytes that can leak. Also, the new battery type is more reliable in operation, easier to manufacture and more affordable than lithium-ion batteries. Toyota is one of the pioneers in the development of solid batteries, but this company has not implemented this new technology in its serial models so far. The target of Japanese companies is primarily to improve the performance of these batteries, so that they can be widely used in vehicle production.


According to plans, the solid state battery should be developed by 2025, which will allow the autonomy of electric cars up to 550 km before full discharge. Autonomy by 2030 should reach 800 km.



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