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DuracellThe birth of a global brand

The company’s history began in the early 1920s with inventive scientist Samuel Reuben and an innovative tungsten fiber producer, Philip Rogers Malori. While researching equipment for the experiment, Ruben visited Malory’s firm which led to a partnership that lasted until Malori’s death in 1975. This partnership has laid the foundations for the creation of Duracell International.


Samuel Ruben’s innovations have revolutionized the technology of batteries for all time. For example, during the Second World War, he developed a mercury-based battery that gave more power in more compact dimensions. This was ideally served in the difficult conditions of the front in North Africa and the South Pacific. Mallory has produced millions of these batteries for war needs and founded Mallory Battery Company.


In the 1950s, Samuel Ruben perfected alkaline manganese batteries. Ruben managed to make the batteries more compact than before. At the same time, Eastman Kodak cameras enabled them to break into the market. The integrated flash on Kodak appliances demanded more power than standard zinc carbon batteries, with batteries having to be smaller. Because of this, Malory developed AAA alkaline manganese batteries only for this purpose, but as the company did not have its sales structure, the owners gave the license to other companies.

Market explosion

The growing demand for energy for cameras has led to the equation for alkaline batteries which led to the birth of the Duracell brand in 1964. The Duracell battery sales market literally exploded and Duracell soon became a global brand. In high-performance battery production, Duracell quickly became the world’s leading manufacturer. From the very beginning, Duracell was dedicated to the diverse application of its products. As a result, Duracell energy products are used in a very large number of areas. Duracell is synonymous with incomparable duration, maximum power in extreme situations and continuous product development.

A pink bunny that created history

Duracell supplies the world with energy in the form of batteries for decades. At the heart of these activities he stood and still stands Duracell Bunny. This gives the brand an attractive personality that day-to-day demonstrates that Duracell batteries and accumulators provide a longer life.Duracell

The brand symbol had its debut in 1973, when it showed that Duracell batteries last much longer than standard zinc-carbon batteries. Thanks to Duracell batteries, the bunny was able to win in every competition and this has continued to this day.

In the meantime, pink bunny is passing through the whole world.
What’s more, like Duracell batteries and energy products have been the subject of constant improvement in order to increase quality and performance, and the bunny has been the subject of parallel evolution. Today, he is one of the most famous brands of symbols in the world.

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