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Toyota's vehicles will communicate in 2021

Japanese giant Toyota announced the introduction of Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication technology (V2V) from 2021.

By the middle of the next decade half of Toyota and Lexus models will be equipped with V2V technology. V2V enables interaction between cars and vehicles with infrastructure such as traffic lights. A car with this technology can send a radio signal in relation to speed, humidity and direction of movement and receives the same signals from other car. This will allow for a more efficient ride, as the driver will receive data on traffic jams or obstacles on the road. Also, a V2V vehicle can “see” another car around the corner or when a large truck is in front of it. Safety experts believe that this technology will significantly reduce the number of injuries and deaths in traffic, as vehicles will have the ability to avoid collisions even when drivers do not see each other or react quickly enough.

This system will greatly accelerate the introduction of autonomous vehicle technology on the roads.

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