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Philips – light equipment



Резултат слика за Philips - svetlosna oprema automotiveWith a tradition over 120 years old, PHILIPS is the leading light equipment manufacturer in Europe. The beginnings of production relate to Frederick Philips, who started production in Eindhoven in 1891, with a clear plan to produce the most reliable and most effective bulbs for any use. Since then, through numerous innovations, PHILIPS has continued to enrich the lives of people, quality lighting products.

Already at an early stage of development, PHILIPS quickly became the biggest bulb producer in Europe, and orders were arrived even from the Russian emperor who illuminated the winter mansion with the PHILIPS lamps. Constant development has led to new products, and since 1916, PHILIPS began manufacturing medical devices for medical X rays. In the twenty-first century, innovations continue primarily through LED technology, 3D scanners, air purifiers and other modern products.







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