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Optimal – shock absorbers, bearings, engine mounts, clamps …



Резултат слика за OPTIMAL partsOPTIMAL is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of brakes, shock absorbers, trap parts, and other spare parts for cars. The concept of the development of this company is based on the trust between the supplier and the client, and it is not surprising that the millions of consumers in this brand are OPTIMAL.

The key to the success of OPTIMAL companies is in the quality of products and in the high standard of the offered service, in order to meet the needs of clients.

The basic range of OPTIMAL products consists of: Shock absorbers, Hood shock absorbers, Caure oscillating shoulders, Caure rises, Caure hinges, Hubs, Tire balancing grips, Spring hangers, Tread belts, Bearing springs, Front and rear wheel bearings, Carriers , Gearbox holders, belts, clamps, stabilizers, etc.






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