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COFLE – Control cables and Brake hoses

COFLE’s story starts in 1964 right in the midst of the economic Italian boom, when the founder Mr. Bruno Barbieri realized his dream to create a visionary company for the production of Control Cables for the automotive industry.
The name COFLE is an abbreviation of the Italian words “Costruzione Flessibili” that means “Flexible Construction” in English.
Since its foundation in 1964, it has based its entire process on the core-concept ‘’all in house” production and the initial focus was to become a supplier of automotive cables to OE Italian Manufactures such as Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo.
In the late 80’s COFLE made the decision to develop a full range of Automotive Control Cables suitable to Aftermarket applications with a special focus on Japanese cars whose popularity was spreading into Europe during that decade.
In the 90’s COFLE started expanding beyond the Italian borders being awarded of several OE projects and becoming Market Leader in Europe in the Aftermarket Business
Today COFLE is a worldwide Group present in 5 Countries with 5 productions plants producing more than 6 Mio Cables & Systems per year.

COFLE Aftermarket Catalogue is the widest one in Europe with more than 3.500 cables all created and developed on the basis of OEM knowhow and in conformity with OEM technical specifications.
Pilot batches are produced for each “new to range” part number and accurately tested to guarantee “OE matching quality” in terms of efficiency, durability, materials, cable construction and performances.
The production of all types of metal outer-casing and its extrusion process are made internally on COFLE machinery to guarantee the highest quality of finished product.
The extrusion of inner tubes (main component to ensure both smooth performance and a long life of the cable) is made internally on high technology machinery. The production line is controlled by a three-dimensional ultrasound system to guarantee the constant production, quality, thickness and dimensions.

Moreover, one of the most central and important issues for this company is to develop quality and safety products respecting the environment; COFLE guarantees products full traceability in order to operate in accordance to the quality and environmental standards. The entire production does comply with UE regulations requirements, thus minimizing the environmental impact and offering the highest safety levels.
Cofle since its birth has always worked with the same goals: competitiveness, high quality, reliability, excellent clients service, perfect production process, bespoke solutions and performances at their best. “Cofle Way” can be well summed up in a quote from the CEO Walter Barbieri: “Quality means go beyond customer’s expectations by continually improving. Quality is not by chance; instead the result of a continuous intelligent shared effort”.





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