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Valeo – clutch sets, brakes, drums, spark plugs, heaters …



VALEO is a French company and has been present on the world market for 80 years. The VALEO brand is offered by Sanela, and belongs to the very top of the world manufacturers of parts and accessories for cars. There are few brands that can boast about the fact that they are involved in the installation of almost every other newly produced car in Europe.

The wide range of VALEO products are: clutch sets, brakes (discs, packs, tiles), electrics (drums, spark plugs, heaters, spark plugs, encoders, window winders, floating flyovers), heating / cooling units (water pumps, radiators, heaters, compressors), light group and signaling (headlights, stop lamps, parking sensors). What’s new in VALEO, which we can boast of is wiper blades, bulbs and filters (oil, air, fuel and climate). Sanel listed the positions covered for all vehicles that can be seen on the roads in Serbia.






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