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Elring – seals, seals sets, service parts, components


Since 1879, Paul Lechler founded the company, Elring was an innovative company whose quality was quickly recognized. Today with the 41st factory in 19 countries around the world, ElringKlinger Group is an unavoidable supplier for engine repair.

The German manufacturer has in its offer a wide range of sealants, seals sets, service parts and components necessary to meet all the requirements of the market. The quality of each part complies with strict ElringKlinger AG standards. Today, Elring is the world’s leading manufacturer of sealing materials and almost no reputable car manufacturer where Elring seals are not in the first installation.

High innovation ensures the great acceptance and popularity of Elring around the world. Brand name “ELRING – DAS ORIGINAL” is a recognizable mark for impeccable quality, safety, service, availability and availability






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